the Idea of Place

Space and Culture 20th Anniversary  Conference

May 5-7 2017

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada

In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the journal, Space & Culture, we are happy to announce  an international, interdisciplinary conference on the idea of place.

Place is at the fore of current intellectual agendas that are witnessing place slip through the fingers of climate change, to the changing modalities of place under shifting migration patterns, to new discourses of place with promises of new walls, new freedoms, new identities, and new flows. Place speaks to the social and cultural dynamics of the virtual and the material, the transcendent and the concrete.

This conference welcomes contemporary challenges to the idea of place, along with new ways of thinking about place, space, location and the relationship between individuals and communities to place and history. The purpose of the conference will be to further develop place as a reponsive concept: a tool for understanding strategic sociocultural frames such as time-horizons, cycles, and imagined geography- determined political divisions. The conference will illuminate the dynamics of how places as landscapes, ecologies and cultural topologies facilitate or buffer change. There are growing public demands for, on the one hand, innovation in place-making and, on the other hand, stewardship of the environment. These concerns around places and environments are emerging as a nexus within shared preoccupations across a multicultural society, which includes a complex range of Indigenous, settler and diasporic communities and histories.

There is no registration fee for the conference. The academic talks are free and open to faculty, students, and the public. We ask for a donation ($5) for the McLuhan House event to cover Transportation costs, etc. And participants are responsible for their own transportation costs during the active sessions.

University of Alberta and Athabasca University are joint sponsors for this conference, located on Indigenous Treaty Lands.